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  • Reproductive Justice Breakout: COLOR will discuss policy priority - Medicaid Expansion of Contraceptives for Undocumented People Contraceptive use helps women realize their own reproductive goals which, in turn, helps them achieve their educational, employment, and financial ambitions. This bill will expand Medicaid to    1) include contraceptives for undocumented people, and 2) allow for the dispersal of a year's supply of oral contraceptives for all. 

  • Immigrant Justice Breakout: CIRC’s Legal Defense Fund Immigrants facing deportation do not have the right to an attorney unless they can afford one. This bill would create a public and private statewide fund administered pro bono through qualified legal service CIRC’s Data Privacy This bill would seek to protect personal data and limit ICE’s access to those databases. While the I-Drive Coalition did pass guidance through the Governor’s office expanding privacy protections for immigrants in Colorado, the guidance still allows ICE access to DMV databases and to state agency data under the pretext of a “criminal investigation,” including civil immigration enforcement.

  • Criminal Justice Breakout: ACLU experts will do a deep dive on civil liberties, the new administration – and our critical work ahead for racial justice after this past administration and the slew of acts of civil injustices to black communities and communities of color.

  • Economic Justice Breakout:  9to5 will lead a breakout on the housing crisis in CO - and prevent tenants from being evicted from their homes solely on missing rent payments. The proposed legislation will strengthen the rights of renters in Colorado - including eviction court reform, put limitations on late fee practices, and allocating funding for legal eviction defense for renters. 

  • Environmental Justice Breakout: Protegete will discuss the Environmental definition bill to have a uniform understanding of what is environmental law and bridge the gap of various definitions that are used to bypass environmental accountability. They will discuss an air toxic bill that can hold the biggest polluters accountable in CO. In addition, discuss water quality ensuring that the industrial processes of disposal of waste and materials aren't being thrown into rivers or water sources that directly impact low-income and communities of color.

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